Glossary of the most important technical data and abbreviations

In order to make the planning and installation of our products as easy as possible for you, we have compiled a glossary for you. This technical dictionary contains all symbols and abbreviations that we use on our website and in our catalogues. Should you have any further questions, please call us at +49 (0) 7257 / 9127-0 or send us an email at


Symbol / Abbreviation Explanation
Important Notice
+ Additional Information
[/] Angled Profile
ø Diameter
A Distance
AL Overhang
B Width
BB CP-Lock
BM c/c Distance, Hole Spacing
D (External) Diameter
d (Internal) Diameter
D max Maximal Diameter
DH Passage Height
GB Glass Drilling
GS Glass Thickness
Gt Depth of Thread
H Height
Kg Weight, Load Capacity
L Length
M Metrical Thread
m Meter
Min ° Minimum Angle
mm Millimeter
PS Platt Thickness
PZ Euro Profile Cylinder
S Calliper Face Spanner Z920/923
Sl Length of Screw
T Depth
t Material Thickness
UNC Thread Measured in Inches
UV Non-locking Lock

Description of the Surfaces

Symbol / Abbreviation Explanation
AE Aluminum Anodized
B Pair Handle
CG Chrome Polished
EF Satin Stainless Steel
EP Stainless Steel Polished
K Plastic
L003 Leather (i.e. cocoa)
MN Matt Nickel Finished
S01 Black, coated
S02 White Aluminum
S04 Steel Brushed (Satin Steel Optic)